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Modern House Designed for Car Lovers Glorifies the Garage

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When the car becomes the focal point in the living room

Imagine loving your car so much that you'd give it the prime spot in your new home, where you can keep an eye on it while you cooking or lounging on the couch. None of that garage-as-a-grimy-afterthought business right? Well, that's exactly what Japanese architect Yoshiaki Yamashita, who previously designed a clever house equivalent of a daring backless dress, did for a car-loving couple in Kyoto, Japan.

The 1,860-square-foot timber-frame home opens the kitchen and living area right up to the garage with glass walls. Of course, when the car is out, the breezy space becomes more like a breezy courtyard with plenty of built-in shelving for plants. And the bathroom, located on another side of the space, has a stellar view of the car through a band of windows, as well. The high-ceilinged home is also interesting in that it seems to do away with any eye-level windows, relying instead on clerestory windows to let in natural light. All in all, a great place to hideout with your treasured automobile.