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New Tiny House Village in Portland Lets You Test Drive Tiny Living

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Time to plan a teeny getaway

Folks flirting with the idea of tiny house living now have the chance to try out a range of wee trailer-mounted homes at the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, the tiny house resort, which opens May 20, consists of a handful of buildings designed by industry leader Tumbleweed in sizes ranging from 175 to 260 square feet, with rates of either $129 or $139 a night.

Each of the five homes has a full bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The smaller trio of buildings sleep up to three people, while the other two structures can accommodate up to five full-sized humans.

The homes are all in different styles and branded with different names: There's the "tall, sleek and modern" Atticus house featuring "masculine finishes." The bright blue Zoe is a "whimsy dreamer." The Lincoln is "an intellectual" who "takes a grassroots approach to life." Savannah is a southern-inspired feminine number painted canary yellow. The Scarlett is a miniature farmhouse complete with a wee Gothic-revival window above the front door.

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