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This Tiny Home in Hong Kong is High-Tech and Tricked-Out

It's 400-square-foot of luxury living with eco-friendly features

If you're going to live small, it might as well be smart. That was the thinking behind this tech-laden, 400-square-foot luxury apartment in central Hong Kong.

Designed by Liquid Interiors, the Eco-Smart Home has a laundry list of environmentally conscious features including a carbon water-filtration system, windows strategically placed for cross ventilation, programmable lighting, and a solar water heater, which only costs 13 percent as much as conventional water heating.

The home's lighting was of key importance to its owners, one of whom is an airline pilot, who wanted a renovation that would help enhance the quality of their sleep. The apartment's programmable LED lighting mimics the color of the sun throughout the day while blackout blinds ensure that city lights won't impinge on a full night's rest. Double-paned windows block out the sound of the city, and a hotel-quality mattress also contribute to the sleep-centric experience.

The apartment also features transformable furniture including a retractable kitchen stove, expandable island table, secret storage rooms, and hidden TV. Out on the roof deck, floor panels transform into slatted deck chairs.

Salvage was another eco-friendly strategy incorporated into the home, which reused half of the construction waste generated by the demolition of the existing apartment.

Hong Kong’s first Eco-Smart Home offers luxurious, energy-saving living in 400-sq.-ft. [Inhabitat]

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