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Video: The Making of a Stunning Glass Brick Facade

Dutch firm MVDRV finds a brilliant way to use glass

Once in a while, an amazing architecture project manages to instantly drop jaws and capture hearts. The gorgeous glass brick facade Dutch firm MVRDV designed for Amsterdam's Crystal Houses, a new shopfront temporarily rented by Chanel, is one such project.

Cast from solid glass and joined by high-strength glue, these glass bricks proved "stronger than concrete" during testing and nods to the original terracotta brick facade of the building in an ingeniously elegant way.

The project, which MVDRV collaborated on with researchers from Delft University of Technology, engineering firm ABT, and contractor Wessels Zeist, took more than year from start to finish. And now, thanks to a video created by Robert Jan Westdijk and shared by Dezeen, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how the glass bricks were made and installed.