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British University Offers Course Entirely Devoted to Burning Man Architecture

And it's doing a great job

The above structure, conceived as six arrowheads pointing toward a center using something called "parametric design," was created for a college course and looks like it would be right at home at Burning Man, which is no mistake because the entire course is focused on designing structures for Burning Man. The DS10 studio at the University of Westminster in London, run by tutors Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess, has produced over 80 designs in the past five years that have been submitted to the Global Arts Grant of Burning Man, with six receiving funding. Somehow, the fact that there is an entire course at a British university devoted to producing Burning Man architecture is both shocking and the least surprising thing ever.

An architecture course built around Burning Man and students finding ways to fund their projects [The Architects Newspaper]