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Charming Midcentury House in Indiana Asks $192K

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Glass walls and a sunroom

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Location: Michigan City, Indiana

Price: $192,000

You read that right. This handsome 1958 midcentury with an unabashed affinity for primary colors is on the market for $192,000—which is on par with the median home price in the U.S. home price but much lower that the usual price tags associated with midcentury modern homes. (And this is when everyone's "Location! Location! Location!" alarm goes off...)

Where exactly is it located? Occupying a woodsy 0.78-acre lot, the three-bedroom, 2,341-square-foot property sits about three miles from Lake Michigan, in an area known to locals as "Michiana." For further reference, Chicago is about 60 miles across the lake, to the northwest.

But back to the house: the home looks well-maintained sans major updates and features a large open living and dining area with glass walls throughout. The kitchen offers built-in appliances and an island. Yellow seems like the most loved color by far, showing up in the kitchen backsplash, as well as the shutter cabinet doors and walls behind a double vanity in the master suite. There's also a charming sunroom fully enclosed by glass, although the listing says that can all be replaced with screens.

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