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Avant-Garde 'Art Walk' Unites Vitra Campus With Swiss Art Museum

A new pilgrimage for art- and design-lovers

The Beyeler Foundation, outside of Basel, Switzerland has an impressive collection of modern art ranging from Monet's waterlily paintings to the pop artworks of Any Warhol. The Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany features not just the company's furniture designs, but architecture by the likes of of Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando, and Zaha Hadid.

A new 3-mile art walk now connects both, creating a unique attraction that may be a good fit for design-focused European travel itineraries this summer.

Created by sculptor and environmental artist Tobias Rehberger, the 24 stops of the Rehberger-Weg trail features two dozen interactive installations meant to engage visitors on their journey between cultural destinations.

Rehberger unveiled the first 12 artworks last fall, and the final 12 will be complete in June.

"I worked around the themes of borders, of the cognitive and perceptive efforts involved in art and design, of function and autonomy, and of Swiss and German identity," artist Tobias Rehberger told Abitare in a recent interview.

The art-lined path takes walkers through picturesque vineyards, woodlands, and architecturally rich neighborhoods. The first dozen stations featured an enormous cukoo-ing clock face, a curious viewfinder, and a fluorescent-colored knot sculpture.

Wo ist Walter? Das Fernrohr hilft bei der Suche. #Rehbergerweg

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