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Turns Out That Lost Mayan City May Actually Be an Abandoned Field

Still, how many abandoned fields did you find when you were 15?

As it turns out, the lost ancient Mayan temple that a Canadian teenager discovered from his bedroom may not be a temple after all. In fact, it's probably just an abandoned field, maybe with some ruins in it, or near it. (Since the Indiana Jones moves are fictional, however, this does not disqualify him from being an Indiana Jones Jr.—if anything, it bolsters his case.) After the news of 15-year-old William Gadboury's discovery went viral yesterday, experts emerged to clarify that, no, the satellite images provided by the Canadian Space Agency did not show a city, and also that the Mayans probably didn't base their temples on the constellations. So that's pretty disappointing.

Still, how many abandoned fields did you discover when you were 15? Probably not that many.

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