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New Modular, Flatpack Furniture Line Assembles Without Tools

But you better love little dots and holes

Rejoice, apartment dwellers looking for simple, easy-to-assemble alternatives to Ikea: there is another new option to consider. Conceived by U.K.-based designer Sam Wrigley, who's been obsessed with Legos, K'Nex, and "anything that came in pieces" since childhood, CRISSCROSS is a line of modular, flatpack furniture that employs a system of FSC-certified wood pegboards, plastic feet, joints, and nuts that all come together (and apart) without tools. The boards are coated in child-safe, plant-based wax and can come in red, grey, or black in addition to the original wood style.

As Co.Design reports, the collection includes a bedside table ($115), desk ($150), single cupboard ($160), double cupboard ($215), single wardrobe ($230), and double wardrobe ($350). Though, since the system is modular, you can conceivably come up with more customized sizes, too. The official Kickstarter campaign is now live.