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Daring House Overlooking African Dam Has Serious Bond Villain Lair Vibes


This is not quite the infamous house-in-a-cliff, but it's pretty spectacular. As Dezeen details, the 16,145-square-foot timber and granite house was built atop a rocky hill overlooking a dam "in a secret location in Africa." That may sound like code for "Bond villain lair" but in reality, it's the home and recording studio for one very lucky musician.

The structure, designed by London-based practice Studio Seilern Architects in collaboration with architect Muzia Sforza, features dramatic cantilevered roofs that serve to both frame views of the reservoir and mountains and shade the house from the unforgiving African sun. Inside, a glass-enclosed double-height space forms an open living and dining area, and opens to a library and piano room behind a curving red wall and a decked patio with trees under light wells. The master suite and pool are on a lower level. Take a closer look!