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Updated 1899 Townhouse in Boston's Beacon Hill Asks $2.1M

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Picture perfect

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Location: Boston, MA

Price: $2,050,000

It's the quintessential Boston dream, isn't it? Quaint brick-paved sidewalks, quietly gorgeous stone facade, the gold-domed Massachusetts State house and beautiful Boston Commons right in the neighborhood. Well, for some folks with $2M or so to spare, the dream continues inside this four-bedroom, 2,400-square-foot townhouse in Beacon Hill.

The place dates back to 1899 and original architectural details like the woodwork and grand fireplaces in the high-ceilinged parlor and living room are a good reminder. The kitchen, featuring exposed brick and beams, has been updated with modern appliances. And on an upper level, a full-floor master suite comes with an updated bathroom with a glass shower. There's also the teensiest patio accessible via the kitchen.