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Exploding Bike Locks Might Be a Bit Much

But then again, maybe not

The war against bike thieves is definitely a real war, and if you need evidence look no further than this exploding bike lock currently trying to raise £15,000 ($21,630) on Kickstarter. "When thieves come for your stuff in the dead of night they have a massive advantage." the introduction reads. "You are asleep. They have time to carry out their mischief in peace." That's why, apparently, you want "the world's loudest alarm" that also explodes. The project is the creation of a man who, unsurprisingly, has had a couple of bikes stolen from him and is very upset about it. It is currently £224 of the way to its goal, but we have a good feeling about this. There have to be a lot more angry bike owners out there.

This Bike Alarm Literally Explodes in Thieves' Faces [City Lab]