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Geometric Midcentury Gem in Texas Needs Some Love, Asks $1.35M

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Hardly any right angles

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Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Price: $1,350,000

Though prominent midcentury architect A. Quincy Jones was primarily known for his work in Southern California, he did build two houses in Fort Worth, Texas as well. One of them is the Fuller House, a 1950 geometric stunner built for an oilman and his wife, a wealthy pair with deep Hollywood connections. Each room of the original design features a different shape. An article by the Texas Society of Architects details the home's quirks:

The dining room is a diamond. The walnut-walled library is circular. Another room is a trapezoid, another a parallelogram.

Over the years, the house had gone through several owners, slowly deteriorating with little maintenance. By 2012, the house was facing serious demolition threats until an anonymous buyer stepped in and subsequently gave the place a total restoration and three-bedroom addition.

Although the 6,000-square-foot house is barely furnished in these listing photos, you can tell it's still got gorgeous built-in details and flooring, not to mention a huge pool and lawn. The home has been on and off the market since it got its revamp, asking as high as $1.85M in October 2013. Now? A cool $1.35M.