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Oh Great, Now There Are Smart Devices For Camping

This seems like cheating

Camping, known colloquially as "roughing it," is a thing that people sometimes do when they want to "unplug" and "get away from it all." So of course now it's going to be ruined by "smart" device that you operate with your phone. A Kickstarter for the "world’s first connected flatpack lantern" has raised $273,620 and counting in its first two days, shattering its goal of $75,000. We're sure it's a great connected flatpack lantern. It's also cheating. In fact, anybody who goes camping and doesn't make a fire by rubbing sticks together is cheating. That's the rule now.

BioLite's New Bluetooth Lantern Means Smartphones Are Now an Essential Camping Accessory [Gizmodo]