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$48K Tiny House Comes With Sleek Storage, Security System

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Very nifty

One of the joys of following the tiny house movement is seeing how creative people can get with them. We've rounded up of a bunch of outstanding designs from the last couple of years already, but there are always more interesting examples out there—many of which are for sale.

This modern-style tiny house hailing from Columbus Ohio, for example, is asking $48,000, a number not as eye-watering as the price tags on some totally tricked-out custom tiny homes but not exactly low either. What it's got going for it though is some rather nice attention to detail, including sleek and discreet under-stair storage (which is fixed on wheels for easy access), folding wall-mounted table in the dining/workspace, a tiled bathroom, recessed lighting, and real cabinetry in the kitchenette (though a stove and oven are conspicuously missing.)

The tiny home also comes with a fire, medical, security system through Not too shabby. See the full gallery here.

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