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Stylish Diffusers Let You Mix and Match Scents for Your Home

The containers are pretty, too

Scented candles, especially designer ones from a certain French company, are an extravagant indulgence. Lighting them is akin to setting your cold, hard cash on fire, which is why we love these scent diffusers that also double as decorative—and more importantly, permanent—objets.

Tile company Cotto teamed up with Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada and Portuguese designer Rui Pereira to create ChimChim, a collection of five scents, each contained in its own, sleek vessel. The scents, as well as the containers' component parts, are meant to be mixed and matched into 25 different combinations.

The containers are made of natural materials including marble, red clay, Hinoki wood, biscuit porcelain, and brass. When a scent is dropped into the vessel's holding chamber, it react withs the material in distinctive ways, further enhancing the aroma.