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Quirky All-Concrete Apartment Embraces Color in Mexico City

Of course a graphic designer lives here

In renovating a Mexico City apartment for a graphic designer, local firm Arqmov Workshop understandably went bold. First, they stripped back everything to resurface the space's original concrete floors, walls, and waffled-slab ceilings. And then they sort of hit reverse.

The finished space, recently spotlighted in Dwell, is a potpourri of colors and textures. First, select concrete columns have been covered in recycled floorboards and then painted over in a Lego-like blocks of colors. In the kitchen, purple polyester cabinets mix with steel appliances and a white, textured backsplash. Elsewhere, a breakfast nook sports a patchwork mural and a dining bench adds some neutral wood to the equation. Marble, tile, and glass also make an appearance in the bathroom. Check out the full story here.