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Liquid Marble Installation Turns Castle Courtyard into Fantastical Pool

The latest from designer Mathieu Lehanneur resembles waves frozen in time

From the designer who brought us tree-like streetlights along Parisian boulevards comes a new installation, water-like marble in the courtyard of an idyllic French castle.

Positioned on a hill overlooking the River Loire below, Chaumon-sur-Loire, a former home of Catherine de Medici, is now home to designer Mathieu Lehanneur's Petite Loire, an undulating surface of hand-polished sea-green marble. Designed with the help of 3D modeling software, the installation looks like a patch of wind-churned water frozen in time.

"I hope that, when passing the chateau gates, the visitor will experience something that comes close to a magic portal, to a forbidden place in so many fairytales," explained Lehanneur. "Everything is liquid in this space, evanescent, enlightened, and yet it is executed in a material that is the one of the most solid imaginable."

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