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Gorgeous Modern House Makes Peace With a Rocky, Wooded Site

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We dig it

New York-based firm Weiss/Manfredi has earned a reputation for sensitively scaled work that embraces the natural world: In 2012, the firm completed work on a green-roofed visitors center pavilion at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) that funneled guests out of the rumble of the city into a lush sanctuary.

That approach seems to have informed this deeply covetable house in the northern New York town of Tuxedo Park. With a low-lying form, slightly twisting form reminiscent of the firm's work at the BBG, the McCann Residence, as it's called, nestles in a stand of trees, on a site not far from the Tuxedo Lake and bound in by high walls of locally quarried granite.

Inside, the home has an elegantly industrial vibe: Exposed-steel structural supports rib the pitched ceiling and broad windows let sun wash over the polished-concrete floors and whitewashed walls. Rooms public and private unfurl over three stepped levels, including a master suite with double-height ceilings. Take a look.