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Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 4: Decor Recap

Our calls for more lighting lead to disaster

Four episodes into the (supposedly) penultimate season of Game of Thrones, and nearly every character is still constantly on the move. Will any of them ever just put a down payment on a place and settle down? Will the housing market in Westeros settle down before the White Walkers come in and ruin it? Has Littlefinger been living out of his car for the past year? All the questions will be answered, someday, probably. But for now, let's check in on who's living situation has changed this week.

Margaery Tyrell is still in the same apartment that she was in last season, but this is the first time we've checked in on her in a while, and it turns out that she has held fast to the minimalist aesthetic. Good for her. Many people would have been tempted to overdecorated after spending so much time in such a small space, but Margaery has taste and knows that it's best to just let the character of the exposed stone walls really come through and speak for itself. Margaery is all class.

Meanwhile, across the world, Danaerys is not a fan of the Vaes Dothrak Airbnb that she is renting. It's too far from all the amenities, her suitemates are really annoying, and worst of all, it's like a ten minute walk to bathroom whenever she needs to "make water." She decides to expose a structural flaw in its design, which is that you should light the world's most flammable yurt with dozens of wide open flames.

Props to the Dothraki for have some level of commitment to lighting spaces adequately, but maybe now we finally understand why, in a world with so much raw wood, Westeros is so dimly lit.

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