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Small Living in Paradise: 3 Tiny Vacation Rentals in Hawaii

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For $75 a night or less

Ah, Hawaii. It's one of the most beautiful places in the country, but it's also one of the most expensive—statewide daily hotel rates recently climbed to $233 a night. So what's a paradise-seeking bargain hunter to do? Well, going small in more remote locales is one way. Here's a look at three cool examples, all of which are available for $75 a night or less.

Pāhoa, Hawaii—"Kehena Beach Coconut Cottage" ($70/night)

Built just a quick walk away from the black sand Kehena Beach and surrounded by palm trees and orchids, this adorable one-bedroom cottage comes with its own lanai—that's Hawaiian for porch. The room fits a king-size bed, mini fridge and microwave, and ensuite bathroom.

Kalapana, Hawaii—"The Octopus House" ($75/night)

For the adventurous vacationers out there, here is a 400-square-foot, off-grid tiny house built right on a crunchy lava field. The house itself features a living room and kitchenette on the first level and sleeping quarters on the second level. There are, of course, plenty of ocean views, and if you're lucky, sounds of migrating whales.

Pāhoa, Hawaii—"Rainbow Shack" ($38/night)

This vibrant shack in the Puna jungle, filled with mango trees, tidal pools, and a constant breeze, offers a tiny space with a daybed and bar seating on the lower level and a full-size bed in the loft. There's a shared kitchen, outhouse, and outdoor shower on the property, all of which are 100 percent solar powered.