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Brutalist Housing Complex by Paul Rudolph to Be Demolished in November

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History hasn't always been kind to Brutalist architecture, and the Shoreline Apartments in Buffalo, New York are no exception. American architect and former chair of the Yale School of Architecture Paul Rudolph designed the waterfront public housing complex in 1970 as part of an ambitious and never fully realized plan to revitalize the area. But over the years, the apartments have fallen into disrepair and poor management.

Norstar Development U.S.A., LLC, the Canadian company that has owned the property since 2005, announced plans years ago to demolish the complex and add new buildings. The owners assured residents that the demolition would occur in phases (the first buildings were brought down last year) to allow them ample time to find new housing and move out. But now Norstar has handed down a deadline of November 1, which has residents reeling and (understandably) angry.

Norstar officials said that they are working on a plan to help the tenants financially, though nothing definitive has been established as of yet. They will be sending out updates to its residents in the coming days.