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Angular Steel Pavilions Give Bird Watchers a High-Design Perch

Sky high design

Just in time for spring, a Toronto city park—East Point Park Bird Sanctuary, to be precise—has unveiled a series of weathered-steel pavilions, meant to provide a bit of stylish cover for fans of the bird world who want to see their avian friends in their natural habitat.

Created by whimsically named local design firm Plant Architect, the Corten steel follies feature angular, winglike roofs over simple, concrete benches, and walls perforated with silhouettes of birds in flight, abstract geometric shapes, and more. The pavilions are meant to "be a meeting place, a place to provide shelter from rain, and somewhere that could accommodate a group of school kids," one of the firm's cofounders, Mary Tremain, told Dezeen.

Dezeen also reports that a second phase of the project will include "listening sanctuaries." No word yet on what exactly that is, but it all sounds very Zen.