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Spacious, Sleek New Zealand Cabin Looks Like Piece of Designer Driftwood

Built to age gracefully along the coast, this would make a killer vacation rental

Don't look for a signpost pointing you to this remote cedar-clad retreat. Positioned in the middle of coastal New Zealand grazing lands, the only way to get to Scrubby Bay is by helicopter or a rough rural road.

But even the bumpiest ride might be worth it to stay in the rustic, wood-lined home. The building's traditional shape and surrounding landscape don't quite convey its size, 18 feet tall at its peak with enough room to sleep 14.

The home features incredible views of the bay, a central fireplace made of rough local stone, black steel details, and well-aged macrocarpa timber. When no one's at home, the windows are sealed with storm shutters.

When designing the home, the architect—Auckland-based firm Pattersons—thought of it as "a piece of slowly aging farm driftwood, around which stock can graze."

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