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Sony Unveils Portable Home Tech Entertainment System During NYCxDesign

Smart lightbulbs, a glass wireless speaker, and a projector are each on offer

At an event yesterday evening at the MoMA Design Store in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, coinciding with the end of NYCxDesign 2016, Sony created a living room-like showcase space for products in its Life Space UX line, including a projector, a wireless speaker, and smart LED lightbulbs that play music via Bluetooth.

Since Life Space UX was announced at CES in Las Vegas in January 2014, items in the collection have rolled out slowly but surely, with the goal of eventually turning our homes into—you guessed it—"life spaces," or a series of intelligent, seamlessly multi-use rooms.

The centerpiece in the Life Space UX fam is probably Sony's portable ultra short throw projector ($999). It does exactly as it sounds: creates, even with a very limited distance between the projector unit and the surface onto which the image is displayed, a surprisingly high-quality (HD, to be precise) rendering of a video, film, or photo slideshow. Buyers can also purchase a separate stand for the projector ($199), if they want to keep their tabletops clear.

Sony also showcased a cylindrical glass wireless speaker ($799)—where two hours of charging gives the user 4 hours of use—and color-changing lightbulbs ($239 per bulb) that can slot into any standard fixture and come equipped with mini speakers for creating what one Sony rep called "sound environments." (They're operated via remote control, included with the bulbs or Sony's app.)

The entire collection is available now for purchase at the MoMA Design Store and online here.