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Renovated 1920s Craftsman Dazzles With Stellar Rugs

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Vintage cool

As many a romantic home renovation story seems to go: couple finds ugly old carpet, couple takes a chance and rips out said carpet, only to discover the most beautiful original hardwood flooring to anchor their new home. Not this time around. Over on Design Sponge, a new home tour tells the story of how Springfield, MO couple Brittany and Justin Kingery managed to create a cozy, lively, and vintage-filled home in their 1920s craftsman after confronting initial setbacks like finding wood planks in terrible shape under the carpets they'd ripped out.

Unfazed by that unpleasant surprise, the Kingerys painted the floors themselves—in bold colors like black and emerald, no less—and added gorgeous rugs throughout. In fact, the vintage rug in the living room inspired the color palette for the rest of the home. Get the full story and gallery on Design Sponge.