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Sleek Tables Appear to Be Cut From Single Piece of Metal

Table fitting perfectly into other (upside down) table

If you're a fan of the Tumblr "Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things," (or arches) then you'll derive immense pleasure from this pair of tables from BoardGrove.

"Two Tables" is a pair of whimsical powder-coated steel tables that, Dezeen reports, appear as if they were cut from a single hollow cylindrical form. The larger table's legs are formed by four smooth arches, and the second, smaller table's legs are formed by the rounded "cut-outs" of the former's arches. The larger table seemingly hovers over the smaller one, creating a satisfying illusion of companionship. And, if you were to turn one upside down, they'd fit together (in theory) like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

BoardGrove is a new architecture studio based in Melbourne, Australia established just this January by Holly Board and Peter Grove, who first met working together in London. If these tables are any indication, we have much to look forward to from the duo. Two Tables will debut at the Factory Design District show in Sydney next month.