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Private Jets With Door-Sized Windows Do Not Seem Relaxing

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Definitely not for the afraid-of-flying

Personally, something that we look for in a plane is a sense that the plane is a completely impenetrable barrier between us and the outside world (the vast open sky). We're sure that Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer's $53 million Lineage 1000 business jet is an impenetrable barrier, the fact that it feature floor-level, door-sized windows does not convey that. It conveys the false, but still discomforting, idea that you could walk straight out into the sky at any moment. The fact that the company's CEO explained them by saying, "Customers [of custom jets] are usually being told ‘no’ because of certification restrictions in airplanes" doesn't make us feel any better.

Private Jets Get the Door-Sized Windows They Always Needed [Wired]