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5 Creative Ways to Turn Clutter Into Vertical Decor

Think tall and wall

If you don't have a lot of closet or storage space, chances are that you simply don't have enough living space. (Or maybe you do.)

You may feel pressure to tidy up, but for those who thrive on the joy-sparking properties of tchotchkes and other objects, tossing everything out is not an option.

One way to increase storage area in a small space is to think vertically—hang things on the wall, or place them on a tall shelf. In the kitchen, for instance, pegboards are useful for hanging smaller utensils, while suspended racks are good for pots and pans. Wire systems work well in a garage. And wall-mounted shelving is a reliable solution in the living room or bedroom—or anywhere else.

But having all your stuff out in the open can feel cluttered. With the right tools and a creative organizing sense, however, you can order your mess into something intentional—and even a little bit mesmerizing.

Scroll through for our favorite Instagram inspirations and other surprising ways to make use of your walls and get organized.

Hang cooking utensils directly on the wall and pretend you're in a European kitchen:

New cast iron, seasoned and hung

A photo posted by Kelsea Adams (@sweaterpundit) on

Pegboards can be super cute:

Had a productive happy to be back in the studio!! ☀️ ✂️ ✨

A photo posted by Sao De La Vega (@saozen_plush) on

Greenery up close Our (tin can)dles make the cutest plant vessels once they've burned! ✨

A photo posted by Boho Crosses, Candles + Arrows (@copperandcross) on

This reimagined wire grid from German designer Thomas Schnur is ingeniously simple:

Dorothee Becker's Iconic Uten.Silo from 1969 is a design favorite:

Bikes look sculptural when hanging out on a wall:

... As do other wheels:

@caseyneistat Wall O' Wheels

A photo posted by Things Organized Neatly (@thingsorganizedneatly) on