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The Parking Garage Goes High-Design in Iowa

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It clocks in at 420,000 square feet

Though high-design parking garages have cropped up in South Korea and, a bit closer to home, Miami (we're lookin' at you, 1111 Lincoln Road), we haven't seen much in the way of parking innovation in the heartland.

Enter Des Moines, Iowa firm Substance Architecture, which designed this parking garage (all 420,000 square feet of it) in their hometown, a sleek glass box with a black-metal frame and a yellow-aluminum sheath that shields the cars inside from view. Though wonderfully designed—with a style that seems a nod at Mies van der Rohe, no less—its name is rather corporate and grim ("Corporate Campus Parking Facility"). No matter: What it lacks in a snazzy moniker it makes up for in attention to detail and design pizzazz.