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Swedish Architect's Own Summer Home Is Serene and Dreamy

The house took seven years to design and build

For those of us who can't get over our Scandi crush, there's plenty more ogling to do, thanks to a new annual international "bookazine" from Swedish interiors magazine Residence. My Residence, bound in thick, matte paper, features some of the magazine's greatest homes in a seductive layout.

To celebrate the publication's debut, Yatzer takes us on a journey to architect Buster Delin's summer home, a minimalist "box" with glass walls on three sides. Located in Hälsingland in central Sweden, the Lundnäs House sits on an old foundation of granite that once anchored a ceramic stove factory. The back portion of the house incorporates brick and stone recovered from the site.

Delin designed and built the house over seven years as a case study, taking care to use local materials and making the home as efficient as possible. He experimented with solar heating, a central fireplace that would warm the floor, and a special wood roof. The house, which was built for two adults and four children, sits on a secluded patch of land by the river, making it the perfect, and certainly enviable, getaway spot.