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This Tiny House Rotates to Catch the Sun’s Rays

It rotates 359 degrees (the last degree is spared to prevent tangling of water and power lines)

The tiny home movement shows no signs of slowing down, and, in fact, seems to be heating up—at least in the case of the 359, a tiny house that rotates to chase the sun's rays.

Portland-based PATH Architecture has created a 144-square-foot, 12 by 12-foot (3.6 by 3.6 meter) home that sits on a Lazy Susan-like rotating bezel mechanism and can be manually rotated 359 degrees to face the sun, avoid it, or change views. We know you're wondering about that last degree: The 360th degree is spared to prevent the house's water and electrical lines to get tangled.

It's apparently so easy to rotate that two kids can move the house by themselves, as seen in the video below. This allows the two-story space—which features high ceilings and generous windows—to harness the sun for heat and optimize efficiency. The entire house, designed by Benjamin Kaiser, is heated by a single 110V heater.

Although the 359 was initially designed to be completely off-grid, the owners wanted a flush toilet, so the architect decided to wire it for electricity, too. PATH, however, is working on other models of the tiny house that will be solar powered and include a composting toilet. But, if you can't wait for those, there are plenty of other tiny houses that can be yours right this moment.