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'Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal' Proclaims $3.5M Reno House

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And it lives by those words, whatever they mean

There is so much to enjoy about this $3.5 million six-bedroom home in Reno, Nevada, much of it on the ceilings. Oh man, these ceilings. There are ceilings covered with fabric, ceilings covered with mirrors, ceilings covered with names such as "AnnaMae" and "Wayne," and ceilings covered in the same exact pattern as the walls and sofa. There are ceilings that slope, ceilings with clouds, and some ceilings that we don't even know what's happening on them, but they are glorious. "Life is not a dress rehearsal," proclaims one wall, and we're not sure what that means exactly*, but this how definitely seems to have taken it to heart.

* But seriously, what does that mean? The dress rehearsal is the same exact thing as the show, except that there's no audience. So life is performed in front of an audience? Like, we get that it's probably supposed to imply that you only get one chance at life, so you can't afford to waste it, but so what? You also only get one dress rehearsal! And it's super important for making sure the show goes well! Nobody phone it in during the dress rehearsal.

720 California Ave, Reno, NV 89509 [Zillow]