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Karim Rashid Is Redesigning an Adult-Themed Resort in Mexico

Rashid will bring his "sensual minimalist style" to Temptation Resort & Spa

Designer Karim Rashid has been tasked with redoing the adult-themed Temptation Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico, and has responded in his usual fashion: with a great many glossy white surfaces, wavy shapes, and colors not found in nature. The style, which a press release from the resort describes as "sensual minimalist," actually looks much more at home in a Cancun adult resort than it does in, say, New York City. Rashid says of his redesign that, "My inspiration was really the human body," which led him to, among other things, include several silhouettes of female human bodies.

Also, in case anyone was curious, this from the Temptation FAQ page: "Taking photos in the sexy pool is forbidden."