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Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 2: Decor Recap

The theme of this episode is: places that need lamps

Le Corbusier famously said that "The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light," but apparently nobody ever told that to any of the architects in the Game of Thrones universe. There are maybe three windows total in the entire show. It's actually no wonder that everybody is in such a bad mood and trying to kill each other all the time—they probably all have osteoporosis due to a vitamin D deficiency. Anyway, let's see who has gotten a new place this week:

We check in with Bran for the first time since season 4 to find that he is still living with the Three-Eyed Raven in the latter's man-cave under a tree. The centerpiece of the apartment is a large chair made out tree roots. That piece is interesting enough, but all the other furniture in the place, such as it is, is an offshoot of that one tree-root-chair. It's like if you went to your friend's house and he was like, "Look at this great chair I got. I love it so much that I never get up. You can sit on the arm." The Three-Eyed Raven should get a sofa for guests, and also at least one floor lamp.

Last season, Daenerys chained up her dragons under a pyramid. Now, we check in with them for the first time to find that they have not decorated at all. And it's really a shame because they have an incredible amount of space to work with. We're not saying they should have wallpapered the whole place, but some nicely placed sconces could have done wonders, and would have fit right in with the overall aesthetic (while also providing much needed light). And maybe some framed prints would have been nice, too.

And finally, we return to Pyke, the home of the Ironborn. Nothing has really changed on Pyke since the last time we were here (and probably for hundreds of years) but we do get our first look at this precarious rope bridge, which, frankly, is just lazy design. Connecting two wings of your castle is not a project where you want a quick fix. The fact that Balon Greyjoy was content with this bridge makes his demise considerably less sad.

Also, Pyke could use about a thousand floor lamps.

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