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Virginia's 'Foamhenge' Is Getting Evicted by a State Park

The foam Stonehenge is looking for a new home

"Foamhenge," the foam replica of Stonehenge that artist Mark Cline built in Rockbridge County, Virginia as an April Fools joke 12 years ago (it turned out to be a very enduring joke) is getting kicked out of its home because the land that it sits on is being turned into a state park. This is a bummer, because on the surface it seems like there is no reason that a state park could not, in addition to all the flora and fauna, happen to include a foam replica of Stonehenge. But the upshot is that Cline is now looking to give Foamhenge away to someone who is prepared to give it its due as a tourist attraction. So if you've been looking for something new to try landscaping-wise and you look visitors, figured out how to get in touch with Cline before he is forced to move his creation on August 1.

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