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Awesome 'Treehouse' Includes Cabin, Catwalk, and Observation Deck

A lesson in making the most of what we're given

What happens when you promise your child a treehouse but your property doesn't actually have a tree? For a father in Albergaria dos Dozes, Portugal, the answer is to build the next best thing: a four-part "treehouse" apparatus perched atop a boundary wall, hovering ever so closely to a real tree in the neighbor's yard.

While not a genuine treehouse, the resulting structure is quite impressive and definitely looks like a ton of fun. Employing local pinewood boards and a modular construction, French firms Saperlipopette Les Architectes and Martial Marquet Architecture built a wall-house with a ladder, catwalk, observation deck, and cabin with a fold-up roof. Color us impressed. Below, a closer look at the structure, plus a video of the construction process.