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Inside the Shipping Container Room You Can Take Anywhere

Too tiny to be a tiny house, but could be an add-on to one!

We've talked a lot about the feasibility of living in a house made out of shipping containers. But the rise of affordable tiny homes available in many configurations and price points seems to be eclipsing the (usually multiple) shipping-container-as-dwelling movement. Still, the sturdy, no-nonsense freight container is highly adaptable and user-friendly as a general space.

Germany-based Flying Architecture takes advantage of these aspects in the HiLoft, a standalone room designed with sustainability and comfort in mind. The ceiling and three walls are covered in natural wood, while the fourth wall is made of glass windows.

The HiLoft's ventilation system includes a heated floor, which is laid with plush carpeting, and a built-in air conditioning unit. Taken together, these features create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, enticing inhabitants to stay awhile.

And although the HiLoft may not technically qualify as a tiny house, it certainly works as an add-on to one. It would be ideal as an office space, a lounge, or even a temporary living space. Plus, its transportability means that you can hook it to the back of a truck and take it just about anywhere.