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Donald Trump's Former Mansion Is on the Market For $45 Million

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There's not as much gold leaf as one might expect

A mansion that was purchased for $4 million by Donald Trump in 1982, turned over to his ex-wife Ivana in their divorce in 1992, and sold by Ivana to its current owners for $14 million in 1998 is now on the market for $45 million. (It was also listed last year for $54 million, failing to sell.) It's ostentatious, though not as ostentatious as one might expect from a house once owned by Donald Trump, even if that was 25 years ago. There is a notable lack of gold leaf, for instance.

You can own Donald Trump’s starter mansion — for $45M [NYP]

[Address not provided], Greenwich, CT 06830 [Coldwell Banker]