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Revamped Eichler Home Includes Zen Gardens for $1.7M

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Not your average Eichler remodel

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Location: San Jose, CA

Price: $1,700,000

Falling on the more "drastic" end of the renovation spectrum, former owners of this revamped Eichler in San Jose dared to add a slant-roofed second floor, reimagining the familiar low-slung midcentury tract home. At the center of the property is a double-height gallery—presumably converted from an interior atrium—that opens straight to the open living, dining, and kitchen area, with glass walls overlooking a spacious bamboo garden. This ultra-Zen backyard, which also comes with built-in bench seating, in-ground fire pit, and a spa, is directly accessible via the ground-level master suite.

According to Realtor, the 1980 remodel added a mahogany paneled staircase to the 1960-built house, plus two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor. The well-appointed home now clocks in at 2,610 square feet, with a total of five bedrooms and three full baths. One quirk added by the current owners is an interior "dry-scape" Zen garden set on a platform by the staircase.