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NYC's Central Park Gets Psychedelic New Look in Infrared Photographs


The best architectural photography gets the viewer to see a building, neighborhood, or city anew and this series by Italian lensman Paolo Pettigiani is no different. Pettigiani takes us down the rabbit hole in a collection of snaps taken with an infrared camera, which detects wavelengths of light not visible to the human eye. This means the bright whites and vivid greens Jo Schmo may see on her visit to Central Park—on which this series centers—are rendered in turquoise and shocking pink.

This is a departure for Pettigiani, whose previous infrared photography project featured his small Italian hometown of Avigliana (population: 11,000). Like this photo series, which is simply called "Infrared NYC," Pettigiani's last also focused on Avigliana's snowy, windswept landscape. Take a gander.