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Top Architecture Firms Recreate Iconic Designs With Legos

Everything is awesome when SHoP, BIG, and others take turns stacking bricks

There's something undeniably charming about seeing architectural gems recreated in Legos. And the most recent A+ Awards -- sponsored by Lego -- took full advantage of the power of this quintessential architecture toy.

Architizer asked some of the world's greatest architects to build scaled-down Lego models of their in-progress designs, and the results are delightful.

SHoP recreated their glassy, sky-walking design for Uber's future Headquarters in San Francisco's Mission Bay. BIG constructed a model of their new stair-stepping terraced tower destined for Hudson Yards.

Raad Studio recreated a mini version of their design for the Lowline, a subterranean park planned for an old underground trolley station.

We were excited to display this beaut at the #architizerawards last week!

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Jeanne Gang's model featured a series of the studio's towers-in-development. Bernheimer Architecture showed off an angular Lego model of their Quonochontaug Residence, while Taylor and Miller's geometric Lake House was populated with cute improvised human figures.

#architizerawards #lego @bernheimerarchitecture

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My childhood self would be pretty impressed.. Getting paid to play with Legos #lifegoals #architizer #legos #architizerawards

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