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Spend a Night in an Historic Scottish Pineapple For a Mere $20

It's even better than SpongeBob's house

The Landmark Trust is an agency that restores historic buildings mostly in the United Kingdom (but also in other parts in Europe) and then rents them out as vacation homes for super cheap, meaning they are something like an incredibly benevolent, historic Airbnb. One such property is an 18th century house in Dunmore, Scotland shaped like a pineapple, which would be exciting enough even before you find out that you can rent it for £237 for four nights. (It sleeps four, coming out to £14.81, or around $21 per guests per night.) Not since SpongeBob SquarePants has a pineapple house been so thrilling, and he was getting a way worse deal.

The Airbnb For Historic Landmarks Lets You Sleep In A Castle [Co. Design]