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This Tiny Summer Hut is Half House, Half Diving Board

It all adds up to 100% of a perfect summer afternoon.

Perched on a cliff above Bob's Lake in Ontario, this wee summer structure playfully takes minimalism to the extreme. The 64-square-foot shelter was designed to fulfill just two functions, sleeping and leaping into the adjacent lake.

Designed by Studio North, the Dream/Dive Platform contains a screened-in sleeping area with a waxed canvas cloth that can be unrolled and tied down during inclement weather. The other half of the cantilevered structure, a diving board, extends over the lake below, offering the perfect place to jump out into the waters below.

The simple structure was built with salvaged materials and a few extra 2x4s from the local hardware store. It's got us dreaming of balmy summer days and nights spent star-gazing.

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