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Keurig Machines Jump the Shark With Keurig For Marijuana

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The Keurig trend is officially out of control

We were willing to accept the "Keurig for tortillas" as a sort of quirky one-off, but now that there is going to be a Keurig for smoking pot, the Keurig trend is officially out of control. The CannaCloud vaporizer from CannaKorp sounds like it will be the same as other vaporizers, except that it will only be compatible with prepackaged weed pods, which means that it has the added bonus of being more expensive and generating a lot of plastic waste.

It's also worth mentioning that the Keurig for tortillas Kickstarter was massively succesful and this thing probably will be too, and all future Keurigs that come out will probably be huge hits until they suddenly aren't.

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