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Eminem Is Selling Individual Bricks From His Demolished Childhood Home

This is how you sell a house that no longer exists

Once your house is condemned by the city of Detroit for structural instability and demolished, it becomes pretty hard to sell it. Unless you're Eminem, in which case you can sell individual bricks (along with The Marshall Mathers LP cassette tapes) for $313 apiece. There are 700 bricks from Eminem's childhood home for sale via the rapper's website, which means, assuming they sell out, that he will get $219,100 for a house that no longer exists, plus whatever he gets for the wooden dog tags made from the house's door frame. Not bad.

19946 Dresden.. Stay tuned.. #MMLP Link in bio.

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Eminem Is Selling Bricks From His Childhood Home In Detroit [The Fader]