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Remote Ohio castle now costs only $349,500

Update: There is now a fire sale on this castle

As good as any modern castle is, it's difficult to pretend that you're really a medieval king when you can look out your window and see all the adjacent definitively non-castle houses. Not so, with this five-bedroom keep in Rogers, Ohio, which recently hit the market for $1.25 million. The concrete-floored residence, which includes custom tile, an antique chandelier, and a "Rapunzel Like Window," is just about as secluded as an American castle can be in this day and age.

UPDATE: Usually, when a property isn't selling, price cuts happen incrementally. Not so with this one, which saw its asking price slashed last week from $1.25 million to $349,500. The sellers appear to be, in the parlance of real estate agents, very motivated here.

6295 Adams Rd,Rogers, OH 44455 [Zillow]

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