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New Glamping Retreat Offers Upgraded Tents and Lean-Tos

No complaints at this South Korean glamping site

Sometimes you need to retreat from the grind of modern life and commune with the natural world in order to reset. That often means roughing it in the great outdoors—or maybe just camping. But for those who aren't quite ready to give up conveniences like plumbing, a full kitchen, or real beds, here's a site in the mountainous countryside of Gapyeong, South Korea that takes "glamping" to whole new levels.

Designed by Korean firm Spacetong ArchiWorkshop, this recreational site is nestled in a pine forest and features cabins, bulbous structures called "Rock Flowers," and "Dynamic Triangle" units that are arranged around a cluster of rocks.

The cabins are fashioned after the lean-to, a simple three-walled open structure with a sloping roof that is typically used as a makeshift shelter for campers and hikers. In Spacetong's interpretation of it, the lean-to gets a complete upgrade, especially in the Welcome Center.

The open side, where the fourth wall would usually be, is mostly a window, opening up and connecting the space to a patio—and the natural landscape beyond it. Inside are a full kitchen and dining area. This and the cabins' exteriors are covered in black-cedar siding and mirrored walls.

The Rock Flower's translucent covering heightens its paper lantern appearance, which comes to life at night when it is lit from within. During the day, the bed and living space are illuminated by a five-foot wide skylight.

The Dynamic Triangle, the smallest of the structures, mimics the shape of a tent. One of its walls is floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing light to flood the space.

Taking a look below will have you reconsidering just how glamorous camping can be. But, let's face it, this isn't glamping as much as it's living it up in a fancy retreat center. No one's complaining, though.