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Rent in Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Louis: What $1,000/Month Gets You Right Now

From a brand-new loft-style apartment to a '20s townhouse

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various cities across the U.S. Is one person's studio another's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,000/month.

↑ St. Louis, MO (2 beds, 1 bath)—As far as converted "loft"-style homes are concerned, this 819-square-foot one in southwest St. Louis seems pretty nice. The windows are rather small for a "loft," but the ceilings are indeed high (hello, exposed ducts!) and everything from the stainless steel appliances to the concrete floors to the bathroom fixtures look brand new.

↑ Orlando, FL (2 beds, 2 baths)—It's a little oddly-shaped, but this 1,100-square-foot apartment has the makings of a cozy Florida pad: hardwood floors, spacious rooms, access to a fitness center, basketball court, jacuzzi, and pools in the gated complex.

↑ Las Vegas, NV (2 beds, 1 bath)—This 930-square-foot house in Las Vegas's Hyde Park neighborhood was recently renovated with new paint jobs, flooring, appliances, and countertops. The front and rear landscaping was also redone.

↑ St. Paul, MN (2 beds, 1 bath)—This is a 900-square-foot unit in a '20s townhouse complex just north of the Minnesota State Capitol. It offers hardwood floors, french doors, walk-in closets, and many a window. The kitchen and dining area also have a ton of built-in cabinetry.

↑ Des Moines, IA (2 beds, 1 bath)—The lighting in these photos probably doesn't do the place justice. This 1,300-square-foot duplex, located a 10-minute walk west of the Drake University campus, features a generous living room with a white brick mantel and a kitchen with appliances built right into a brick wall.