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The Louvre's Iconic Pyramid Disappears in New Optical Illusion Art

This is cool

Maverick artist JR (a pseudonym) has earned a reputation for large-scale works of urban art—largely black-and-white photography, including monumental portraits— pasted on the sides of walls in cities as diverse as his hometown of Paris to perhaps most famously, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Now, he's bringing his brand of artistic expression to the Louvre Museum's iconic circa-1989 pyramidal pavilion and visitor's entrance by I. M. Pei. In a bit of architectural sleight of hand, JR is sheathing the pavilion's glass facade with a wallpaper-like covering that mirrors the historic building behind it: From specific angles, the pyramid seems to disappear entirely.

The installation process is fascinating and involves all the typical construction equipment used, of course, to unique ends. Check out the photos below.

The installation runs from Wednesday, May 25 until Monday, June 27.